Don Hall's Guesthouse Has Closed

A Premier and Affordable Hotel in Fort Wayne

Dear friends and family and the Fort Wayne Community, 

These past few months have been unlike anything we have ever experienced. The level of anxiety and uncertainty in our family business is unchartered. More specifically, for us at the Guesthouse Hotel and Conference Center. While we dislike adding more sad news to the community during these trying times, we want to let you all know that we are ceasing operations at Don Hall’s Guesthouse Hotel and Conference Center. 

As you can imagine, being in the travel, catering, banquet and live music industries, the current state of affairs has severely impacted our business. The best comparison I can come up with is this, it is like trying to stop a freight train going 60 mph in 10 yards. From 60 to 0 in a matter of a few days. Obviously, this has been a very difficult decision. However, we feel this is the best way forward for us, as a Restaurant group, to better position ourselves and our efforts for the future and our future projects. 

We want to thank our staff. Ever since we acquired the former “Imperial House Hotel” back in 1981, we managed to employ some of the best folks in hospitality. Having to inform them of this decision is one of the hardest things we have had to do in our 75 years of business. 

Thank you to our customers and guests! For almost 40 years you trusted us in hosting your travel, weddings, birthdays, showers, parties, staycations and holiday celebrations. It was our sincerest pleasure to serve you at the Guesthouse. We hope to still be able to provide you with our expert catering and music venue services at our other locations. 

We Love Fort Wayne! Once the world gets back to normal, we will need some friendly faces so please come visit us at all of our other locations throughout Fort Wayne. The family and staff of Halls wishes the best for all of our Fort Wayne Community. Stay Safe! 

With Love,
Timothy Hall and the Hall Family

Thank you for nearly 40 years of service!